Asus Mobile Service Chennai

We have 10 years Experience for your Asus Mobile Repair Like Screen, Battery, Charging board, Mic, Ringer, Speaker repair and repalcement. we are using Genuine Parts Only with 90 days warranty.

Asus Mobile Screen Replacement:-

Are you concerned about the screen on your Asus mobile? Doesn't seem to be responding? No problem at all. If you need professional assistance, we are here to help. Our talented technicians will replace it as fast as possible. We offer a 3 months warranty for Asus screen replacement.

Asus Mobile Battery Replacement:-

Did you find your Asus mobile battery's health is weak? It happens due to improper maintenance. We are not supposed to drain the battery completely and then charge it for hours and hours. This will weaken your battery. Then replacement is the only option in order to avoid frequent rebooting of your mobile. In less time, we can replace the original battery for you at a low price with a 90-day warranty.

Asus Mobile Water Damage Service:-

When your phone gets a single drop of water, drinks, or any other liquid, bring it to a professional like us. Do not take risks on your own. Do not shake your mobile, do not switch it on, do nothing. Just switch it off. This will stop liquid from getting into mobile parts. We will take care of your mobile. We chemically wash and clean all the water-eroded areas. We will make your mobile work like before.

Asus Mobile Charging Board Replacement:-

Are you experiencing problems with your charging board, such as not showing a charging icon or only charging in a certain spot? Usually the charging board is damaged due to improper use. Our technicians will replace it in less time. Our quality service is available at a reasonable price.

Asus Mobile Motherboard Fault:-

Motherboard damage is such a difficult problem to repair but not with us. Although our highly skilled technicians will repair it, the process will take time, and the cost is high compared to other mobile parts repair/replacement services. Over usage, water damage, dropouts, etc are the reasons for motherboard damage. We can guarantee quality service.

Asus Mobile Data Recovery:-

Do you want to recover all your data from your damaged mobile? Definitely you need professional help like us. We recover data from dead/broken Asus mobiles. You get all your recovery data from us as soon as possible. The cost of data recovery for Asus mobile at Broken Care is comparatively cheaper than others.

Asus Mobile Ear Speaker/ Ringer Replacement:-

Are you unable to hear anything through your mobile's ear speaker or loudspeaker? Forget it, we will fix it while you wait. The spare parts we use are original. The cost of replacing is also less. Also we offer a 90-day warranty on all replacements.

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